The Royals always visit one. Most Canadians have been in one. And the top scenic natural wonders of Canada are often in one. National Parks turn 150 this year, and the national parks service (the management of the parks) was officially passed as an act of parliament 100 years ago. Banff is the oldest in the Parks family – and a great place to start.

Morant's Curve, Banff National Park

Morant's Curve

Banff National Park is Canada’s oldest, one if its hottest tourist destinations, and home to Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper resorts. It started as a mere 26 square kilometres in 1885. Now it is joined by Yoho, Glacier and Waterton – and these are just in Alberta.

Each province is home to several National and Provincial parks. Newfoundland is home to Canada’s most eastern National Park – Terra Nova; Vancouver Island’s Pacific Rim National Park is on the west coast.

Quttinirpaaq National Park in Nunavut  is the most northerly park,  at 83° and only 720 kilometres south of the North Pole and Ellesmere Island is only 800 km from the Pole and Canada’s second largest Park.

National Parks, a must see, must visit, must explore on your ‘Bucket List’.

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